40 years with tigers

Project Conservation is branching out to help support tiger conservation and work on a different level than most NGO’s worldwide.

Working with Dr. J.L. David Smith, we have the team experience to understand the ins and outs of tiger conservation and to start a new campaign.

Dave Smith has worked hard to study tigers throughout his career, advising students throughout Asia to support and study tigers in their home countries. Dave has built up tiger biologists with the skill set to study and understand what it takes for this species to survive. Yet, despite the research, poachers and habitat depletion and fragmentation continues to threatens tiger populations.

Project Conservation seeks to take a new approach, raising awareness to the general public and support localized projects. In 2007, Dinerstein et al. published a report “The Fate of Wild Tigers” stating that tigers inhabit less than 7% of their historic range, and since the mid 90’s 40% of their range has diminished.  One success story is Nepal, and the reason they have been successful with supporting tiger conservation is because tiger conservation is most successful when concentrated on local levels rather than general support to all tiger populations across Asia.

This May, Project Conservation is heading to Nepal to start a tiger documentary to support one of the few remaining tiger populations in the world. Nepal has one of the “source” populations which is critical to support for the survival of wild tigers. 100% of all funding will be donated directly to the project and we are asking you to help support tigers today. Join us in supporting conservation, ecosystems and this beautiful magnificent species.

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