Our Partners


National Trust for nature conservation

The National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC) was established in 1982 by a Legislative Act as an autonomous and not-for-profit organization, mandated to work in the field of nature conservation in Nepal. For over two decades, the Trust has successfully undertaken over 200 small and large projects on nature conservation, biodiversity as well as cultural heritage protection, ecotourism, and sustainable development.


Nepal tiger trust 

Nepal Tiger Trust mission is to protect wild tigers forever in Nepal by long term tiger monitoring, mitigating human-tiger conflict, supporting anti-poaching efforts in collaboration with Park and local communities.


Department of National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation

The Southeast Asia Regional Tiger Conservation and Research Center supports the capacity building programs on tiger and wildlife conservation and monitoring techniques and strategies in the priority tiger landscape specified under the National Tiger Recovery Program (NTRP) in Thailand, in each Southeast Asian county and beyond with ultimate goal to strengthen the restoration of wild tigers up to the specified numbers by 2022.