Project Conservation
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Our Mission

Project Conservation’s mission is to conserve the world’s ecosystems and wildlife by supporting conservation research. Through the production of scientific media publications, Project Conservation seeks to spread public awareness and promote environmental education worldwide.


As we share this earth and rely on natural resources to sustain our well being; we believe it is important for the general public to be aware of published work, receive accurate information and also to highlight researchers working hard to conserve ecosystems worldwide. We seek to inspire you to become involved with the world around you and strive to support conservation.

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Project Conservation’s goal is to support ongoing conservation research and to spread awareness through publications both scientific and media. We propose to raise funds for Masters and Doctorate level research as well as sponsor established biologists. Additionally, our goal is to travel to research locations and film educational short films and other forms of media, highlighting ecological research. These films will be used to educate on a local and international scale, and present scientific material in a palatable fashion to educate the general public. Possible funds received from media publications will cycle back into our organization to cover expenses, promote our nonprofit and support additional research. We intend to raise funds not only through media publications, but also through charitable donations, online donations, and local fundraising.